Stock symbol time series analysis and prediction with ARIMA model

This project examines the predictive capabilities of the ARIMA model for time series analysis. To explore the capabilities of the statsmodels library, the Python programming language will be used with jupyter notebook being the runtime environment. Along with the prediction analysis, there will be a demonstration of data retrieval using the yahoo web api, time series transformation, manual and automatic stationarity checks, benchmarking the model versus a naive benchmark, multiple days prediction and multiple symbol prediction mean error checks. The Python code in this project can be used to create a reusable module for predicting any combination of symbols with given date ranges.

One year developing with Elasticsearch

After a year working with elasticsearch I decided to write about it mainly as a self reminder of what I liked what I did not and the choices I made in the process. Everything is a personal opinion and someone might choose to disagree but it’s cool :) . All this experience was a part of creating a search implementation for an e-commerce application which in the process along with a mysql full text search was contributed back to sylius, the “base” for our solution.

Asynchronous tasks with python3 concurrent futures

Today Greece is again all over the news because of the Eurogroup and the new deal the Greek governemnt tries to achieve through its representatives. Why not check out which website has a title about Greece on it’s front page as fast as possible.

Migrate legacy md5 passwords to sha on symfony and fos user bundle

Recently I came upon a problem where the passwords of the current user base are hashed in md5 and we had to migrate them to sha. Checking around the web how others have solved this didn’t help a lot. Asking your user to login to change the password or double encode the md5 one didn’t sound like clever solutions.

Play framework, it looks awesome!

Lately I find myself in a position where I’m not sure what I want to learn next and what will be usefull for me career wise. This weekend I wanted to check out the play framework. A scala framework which supports coding in both scala and java.

More than one programming language

Why do we have so many programming languages?

A few thoughts on programming, and not only, ego...

A lot of people are talking about collaboration, programming disciplines, agile methodology …etc as basic principles of a modern software development team. Well … bullocks.

PHP Auto correction/spell check, speed testing

Auto-correction/spell checking is probably one of the most used functionalities over the web.

First Scala tutorial with tests

Hello all,

Chrome dns tools

So looking around to improve my knowledge on how DNS works I fell into a “well hidden” chrome functionality that looks really cool!!